Wow! This Man Doesn’t Have a Podcast

In the modern social sphere, where everyone is striving to get noticed, it’s expected that any given man you’d meet would be doing something to get his voice out to the masses. But not this guy: the incredibly courageous Peter Garbinski doesn’t currently and has never had a podcast!


“I’m not famous, and I don’t have any niche hobbies or specific knowledge of anything interesting,” Peter said. “So I don’t really have a compelling reason to start a podcast. Who would listen?”


Peter went on to explain that he hadn’t noticed that he was an anomaly, but that in talking to his male friends, it’s becoming clear that he’s the outlier.


“To me, it didn’t seem weird to not have a podcast,” Peter said. “But I checked and literally all of my buddies do! One has a fantasy football pod, one talks about unsolved crimes on his. I even have three friends who all have separate podcasts about Seinfeld. I don’t think I’m passionate enough about anything to record myself talking about it to no one every week.”


“And honestly, the market does seem a bit saturated,” he added.


We’re simply amazed at this man’s realization that no one would be interested in another overdone podcast!


The women in Peter’s life are very impressed.


“Every Tinder date I go on, the dude rambles on and on about his comedy podcast,” said Sadie Rogers. “It was so refreshing to talk to a guy that has interests outside of screaming his unfunny jokes into the void.”


“I can’t believe Peter understands that he can just privately have a hobby that he does on his own time and he doesn’t have to make a big weekly to-do about it,” added Shelby Friar. “Is it weird that I find his bare minimum self-awareness kind of hot?”


Unfortunately, Peter does have naysayers.


“It’s weird to me that Peter has gone this long without having a podcast to call his own,” said longtime friend Drew Harbinger. “How is anyone supposed to know that he’s cool if he doesn’t digitally remind them every Tuesday, Thursday, and sometimes Saturday?”


But Peter doesn’t see the big deal.


“To me, it seems like dudes start podcasts because they think they’re especially hilarious or smart,” said Peter. “I just recognize that I’m not, so there’s no point in trying to get people to listen to me on a podcast.”


“Also, it’s statistically impossible for so many guys to be witty enough to be worth listening to,” he added.


You’re absolutely right about that, Peter!