Wow! This Man Who Thinks Women Matter Doesn’t Even Have Daughters

A growing number of people in the town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, have become suspicious that local resident, 44-year-old Patrick Jansen, somehow understands that women are people, too – even though he’s unmarried and doesn’t have daughters of his own.


“I just think women should have the same rights as men,” says Jansen in a baffling statement. “Why do you keep asking me if I have any daughters?”


Todd McAvoy, Patrick’s co-worker, has a hard time understanding where Patrick’s sentiments could possibly stem from.


“Pat’s not even close with his mom,” says McAvoy. “If I didn’t know someone like my mom I don’t even think I’d know feminism was a thing.”


“He always seemed a little strange to me…I didn’t trust it,” recalled his high school teacher, Diane Schwab. “Now I’m hearing he ‘fights for women’ even though he doesn’t have any young women of his own to protect? I just think it’s weird, that’s all.”



“She seemed to have made up her mind,” says Patrick, who mysteriously seems to understand the plight of women without shaping the minds of any himself.


The people of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, plan to keep a close eye on Patrick Jansen.


“Honestly, I have doubts,” says neighbor Lucy Mellon. “I bet he has a daughter he’s hiding somewhere.”