Wow! This Man is Sapiosexual But Also Likes Big Boobs

In a demonstration of true chivalry, 24-year-old Cambridge resident Jake Wheldon identifies as sapiosexual, meaning he finds intelligence to be the most sexually attractive feature. In addition to a brilliant mind, Wheldon also really likes big boobs.


Talk about complexity!


“Nothing gets me going like a woman who can match me intellectually,” said Wheldon, who temporarily works at Best Buy until he can self-fund a tech startup. “That is the only thing that matters to me. Oh, also, larger-than-average breasts.”


Whoa, sexuality is truly a spectrum filled with nuance and variation that this mature man has tapped into!


Wheldon hasn’t always been so self-accepting. Growing up in a small Massachusetts suburb, his unique taste in women was often hard for him to understand and navigate.


“I remember in 9th grade I saw Mackenzie Lo reading Catcher in the Rye and I was like ‘Whoa, I might like her?’” Wheldon explained. “Then in 10th grade she suddenly grew boobs and I was like ‘Um, yeah, I definitely like her.’ That’s when I knew I was a sapiosexual.”


And that’s not the only obstacle that Wheldon has had to face regarding his unique sexual orientation.



“As a sapio, it can be really hard to find porn that meets my needs,” said Wheldon. “I’ll usually use search terms like ‘intricate storyline,’ ‘conceptually challenging,’ or ‘big large titties.’”


But those setbacks haven’t stopped Wheldon from living authentically. Wheldon expresses his unique identity in a myriad of ways including wearing a T-shirt that says, “Seduce my mind and you can have my body,” and messaging all his Tinder matches: “I don’t do small talk; tell me something fascinating.”


“Dating apps can be so vapid.” Says Wheldon.”I put my SAT scores and a couple of Hunter S. Thompson quotes in my bio to weed out the dummies, then swipe right on anyone with C cups or higher.”


Keep living your truth, Wheldon!