Amazing! This Woman Workshopped a Text With 20 of Her Closest Friends and Still Made a Typo

This week, Angie Wing spent several hours workshopping a text to her occasional hookup, Doug. Despite the aid of nearly two-dozen women, the final text contained an unfortunate typo:


“Hey, been enjoying hanigng out lately. Just wanted to feel out where you see the direction of things. No presh.”


Wow! Despite upwards of 70 drafts and an hour-long wait period where Wing sat on it to see if felt right with fresh eyes, the final text contained the glaring “hanigng” typo. Incredible!


“I guess I just copied and pasted it wrong from my notes app,” says Wing.


Early drafts of the text were too formal, according to friends.


“In one version I went on and on about how I didn’t want him to feel like I was looking for anything in particular and I was just trying to get a read on where his head’s at,” says Wing. “But Amy told me to keep it brief.”

Friend Amy Stevens elaborates: “She was really undermining the idea that she doesn’t care, by writing so much about not caring. It clearly implied she cared.” In the end, it was all for naught and the text was flawed in spite of itself. But we’re truly amazed that so much time went into something containing such an obvious typo. Wow!



In final versions “pressure” was changed to “presh.” Yet somehow the typo remained.

“I think the typo works actually,” says friend Ashley. “Like, it serves the goal of pretending that she wasn’t thinking about this all day, even though she definitely was.”


So far, the text has a read receipt with no response.