Amazing! This Woman Lost 20 Pounds by Gaining 30 First

Stephanie Cooper has finally answered the question scientists have been asking for centuries: Can weight loss be easy? For Cooper, who just lost 20 pounds, the answer is yes! The key to her success? Eating like an absolute crazy person for a while and then returning to relatively normal eating habits.


“I lost 20 pounds,” Cooper says, “And all I had to do was gain 30 first!”


“I’ve been so inspired by Stephanie’s journey,” says her colleague, Brenda. “It’s inspiring how easily you can meet your goals if at first you completely ruin them.”
When asked the secret to her great success, Cooper kept it simple: “I basically ate like a baby lion lost alone in the jungle, devouring anything I can find or reach. I gained so much weight, my doctor was concerned. Then, I stopped eating like that, and some of the weight kind of fell off.”



It was less than six months ago that Cooper decided it was time to change her body in such a needlessly complicated way.


“I was looking in the mirror and I just wasn’t happy with what I saw. So I decided to eat a bunch of garbage to stop thinking about how I looked, and that made it worse, so I got healthier pretty quick. I’m down 20 pounds, just like that!”


“The change has been astonishing,” says Jane Bean, a local barista who was along for the ride. “It was pretty rough at first because I was genuinely concerned for her health and wellbeing, but in the end, it was pretty cool to see all the stretch marks up close.”


“When it comes to weight loss,” Cooper says, “This is the only thing that has ever worked for me. So if you’re like me and aren’t happy with your love handles, just make them even worse and when they go back down, you’ll feel grateful for having them.”


Those close to Cooper have noticed as well, like her mom.


“Have you seen Stephanie?” Cooper’s mother, who hasn’t seen her daughter in nearly a year, asks. “I think she gained like ten pounds.”