How to Remain Centered When the Available Titles on Netflix Are Constantly Changing

Finding a sense of balance amidst life’s uncertainties is no easy task. And with all the stress and confusion caused by Netflix’s haphazard approach to programming, keeping one’s sanity intact is practically impossible. Here are some helpful tips for staying centered when Netflix’s offerings are constantly shifting.


Release Control

There are lots of things in life that we can control, but the available titles streaming on Netflix are not one of them. You can cope with the injustice by embracing the idea that Gossip Girl won’t be there forever, and that’s okay—or at least can pretend it is. Life goes on, even if your favorite high school dramedies are suddenly and inexplicably pulled from the website’s lineup.


Breathing Exercises

Take a deep breath and try not to punch a hole through the wall once you realize you only have until tomorrow to finish the entire fourth season of Hoarders. Was watching that show a productive use of your time? Who’s to say? One thing we can all agree on is that the media gods are fickle, and the only thing we can control is how we react to them. Keep a paper bag nearby to breathe into on the first of each month, when you log onto Netflix and realize it’s already too late.



Think Positively

Don’t let Netflix’s monthly massacre of content throw you off your game. Look forward to the new releases, instead of mourning the ones that have been so cruelly ripped away from you. As Ram Dass once said, having a bad attitude will never bring back Freddy Got Fingered.


Live in The Present

Try not to fixate on which of your favorite reality programs have been wiped from the streaming service this month. Do not throw your TV against the wall while screaming, “Netflix, you fickle bitch! I wasn’t done with A Walk to Remember!” Instead, just be grateful for what’s available in the here and now. After all, who knows what challenges next month will bring.


With these rules in mind, finding a sense of calm in the storm will be a breeze. So, when next month rolls around, remember not to lose your shit. The Netflix content cycle is a part of life, and we all have to learn to accept it.