New Netflix Drama Utilizes ‘Cry Track’

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Following the success of Orange is the New Black, Lilyhammer, and House of Cards, Netflix is releasing its newest original series, Hope is the Highest, the first original series to include a “cry track,” cueing viewers on the appropriate moments to cry. Hope is the Highest will be the first soap opera from the on-demand media provider, and is already gaining buzz for its use.


Series creator Lorna Halpern describes the track as a soundtrack that’s “just like a laugh track, except it contains audio of a studio audience sobbing and crying.”


Producer John Corcoran believes, “…it will really help viewers get into the mood of the show. We want them to be pulled into the world and deeply engaged in these stories from the very beginning.”



Test audiences have responded favorably to the cry track. “I normally get pretty into my soaps,” says Dina Anderson, “but this is the first time I was tearing up during my first episode. To watch this is to love the Hope family.”


Hope is the Highest premieres on Netflix July 8th, with all 48 episodes of the first season available instantly.