Woman Finishes Netflix

After a seven-hour binge of Twin Peaks, 28-year-old San Francisco resident Hillary Marshall claims to have finished Netflix.


“I’m not quite sure how it happened,” says Marshall, a social media intern, who constantly watches Netflix when home (which is often due to her light internship schedule). She sometimes plays multiple shows simultaneously on different devices.


Marshall’s journey through the vast and seemingly endless ocean of programming started in 2010 when her boyfriend at the time logged in to Netflix on her computer. Marshall never logged off, and had her boyfriend log in to his account on her Smart TV and iPhone. To remain logged in, Marshall is still using the same iPhone 4. “He has no idea,” she says of her ex.


“I figured she was still using it since literally everything on there would up in my ‘recently viewed,’” says Marc Howowitz. “The weird thing was that it seemed to be updating once every few minutes.”



Marshall knew she had finally finished Netflix after watching the last episode of Twin Peaks, at which point Netflix failed to suggest anything for her to watch next. “The whole screen was just “Watch It Again” options,” says Marshall. “That’s when I knew: I’d finished all 50,000 titles on Netflix.”


Asked if he had seen this before, Netflix’s Chief Software Engineer Peter Nguyen commented, “We just got Friends! How has she watched it already?”


Marshall says she watches Netflix whenever she finds time, just like normal people. “When I come home from work, I just put on some sweatpants and watch all of Charmed. If I don’t have a date I’ll binge Orphan Black or enjoy The Lorax. It’s about being open to anything.”


Other instances when she watches shows on Netflix include “a little Lost when I’m getting ready in the morning, The Usual Suspects on the train, and a bit of Arrested Development when I’m taking a bathroom break. I started and finished Schindler’s List entirely during red lights. It’s just the way everyone watches Netflix these days.”


When asked what’s next, Marshall says, “I’ve decided to go back and watch Netflix again. It’s amazing the things you notice your second time through.”