Woman Ready For Children But Settles For Netflix And Chill

Samantha Overly, who has been with the same guy for almost three years, is ready to take the next step and start a family with her longtime partner, Dave. But with her biological clock ticking, she has acquiesced to a less fulfilling routine—nightly texts from Dave that say, “Netflix/chill?”


Even though she has the nursery colors picked out, has thoroughly researched which baby monitors to purchase and made the decision to baby bullet all her baby’s food, Samantha is simultaneously resigned to her current Netflix-and-chill lifestyle.


“I hear Narcos is really good right now,” says Samantha, “but of course we’ll probably only make it a half episode before we commence with the ‘chill’ part of the night.” Samantha says this has been happening on and off for six months all while she’s been quietly tracking her ovulation days. “I’m really okay with it right now because this could still lead to a pregnancy. It hasn’t happened just yet though,” says Samantha.



Dave who works part-time at a hot dog stand, currently has no knowledge of her motherly desires, and describes their relationship as “convenient ’cause I don’t have a Netflix login.”


Samantha’s mom has been waiting for many years to finally have a grandchild. “Netflix and chill? The only things chilling are her dying eggs and my hopes to be a grandmother.”


While she remains childless, Samantha keeps an upbeat perspective. “I’ve got all the makings of being ready for a new addition to the family—a great job, a nice house with a two-car garage, a hypoallergenic doodle dog—it’s all adding up. The only thing keeping me away is the third season of Black Mirror potentially coming out soon. That would be a disaster.”


Samantha will continue her days getting her womb and house baby ready while Dave intends to keep sending her “Netflix and chill?” texts around 11:09pm. “At least we can agree that Bloodline was getting boring!” says the hopeful mom.