5 Guy Fieri Quotes to Let Him Know You Came

It’s always groovy to get down-and-dirty with your foodie cutie. But before your man gives you the Triple D, let the master, Guy Fieri, be your voice. Here’s how to let your lover know that he’s driving the bus to flavor town.


1.“You are like a blackjack dealer at the flavor town casino.”

This quote is perfect for sex because it’s simultaneously a compliment, effectively communicates that you are having an orgasm, and it makes him feel like a cool dude who works in a casino and knows how to shuffle cards. It’s everything a man could want to hear in the sack.


2.“Shut the front door, son of Tatum O’Neal, that’s dynamite.”

That’s right, Guy Fieri really did say that exact phrase while tasting something delicious! It’s a great quote for letting him know you’re coming, and for making him feel like the glamorous child of a former child star. The last part really congratulates him in a way that’s inoffensive and cool to people who grew up in the 1950s. Consider this quote if your man is much older or your mom is listening in an adjacent room.



3.“It’s like a hot-dog lasso on the ranch in Flavortown.”

You have a better chance of achieving simultaneous orgasms if you refer to his dick in a fun, Western-inspired, drool-inducing way. Just be careful: he’s gonna want a bite!


4.“Dude, I’ve been stricken by chicken!

Again. Talk about his dick as if it’s made of food during your climax. It’s the only way for him to relate to your desire for penis. Say this phrase and he’ll think to himself, “She’s having an orgasm.”



Here’s your chance to reference your very own discharge! Clear this sort of discussion with him before coitus just in case it makes him nauseous.


When it comes to coming, you can’t go wrong with a good Guy Fieri quote. Welcome to Flavortown!