Woman Ready To Adopt A Dog But Settles For A Haircut

After deciding to make some major life changes on her recent twenty-sixth birthday, Sandy Lara ditched the idea of finally adopting a dog and has decided to just get a haircut instead.


“Adopting a dog would surely give me a great companion—someone I can come home to and someone who will love me,” Lara muses, “But it’s also a lot of responsibility so I made an appointment with Jackie to cut six inches off my hair instead.”


She adds: “In some ways, that’s probably an even bigger decision.”


Friends were surprised Lara didn’t follow through on her dog adoption plans. “Rescuing a dog is something that Sandy has wanted to do for a while,” friend Maya Besser shares. “She wouldn’t stop talking about it. All of us just wanted her to get the dog so she’d stop teasing us with the promise of getting a dog. Now she just has a so-so lob.”



“Dogs mean so much to me and I wanted to give through adoption,” Lara explains, voice cracking with emotion. “But then I saw a picture of Alexa Chung’s short hair and all the lightbulbs went off. Who wants to do this dog every morning, you know?”


Lara had prepped her apartment and had even started brainstorming names for a new pup, but realized just how easy it is to book hair appointments online. “I was super free Thursday afternoon so it was kind a no-brainer,” says Lara, running her fingers through her fresh cut. “Plus a dog would have just peed all over my floor.”


Though the time may not be right now, Sandy hopes to actually adopt a dog one day. “I’ll definitely look into adopting when I feel like I have my life together. Unless I decide to color my hair back to it’s natural color. I have been thinking about that a lot lately, too.”