Woman In Middle Of Giving Birth Runs Home Real Quick To Check If The Oven’s On

Melissa Mowers was in the middle of giving birth to her second child when, amidst the sweating, screaming and pushing, she remembered that she might have maybe left the oven on at home.


After dilating to a full 10cm, the thought popped into her head that she “might” have left the oven on, saying to her husband, “Aghhhhhhh! You know what, I’m just gonna zip home real quick.”


“I was having crazy contractions, and I definitely had the urge to push,” Mowers explains now, “but the urge to check if I had left the oven on was even stronger.”


Against her husband’s wishes, Mowers decided to run home real quick to check.


While Mowers’ husband insisted on checking for her, Mowers responded, “I really need to do this for myself.”


“I really was going to do this,” says her husband. “But they say, ‘don’t say no to a pregnant woman’ and I take that very literally.”



Mowers hopped in her car and booked it back to her house, leaking amniotic fluid all over the car seat, soon realizing that the oven was indeed not turned on.


“Yeah, it was a little risky, but nothing beats the comfort of knowing that your home is safe and sound.”


Mowers calmly drove back to the hospital and delivered her baby at 9:06pm to a room filled family and physicians, who remained silent.