5 Mindfulness Mantras to Get Your Group Chat To Focus Up

You love your girls, but let’s be real: their group chat game could use a little work. Luckily for you, the principles of mindfulness aren’t just good for helping you live a more present life, they also can be used to get your group chat to cut the bullshit and focus up. Next time the process of making plans goes off the rails, drop one of these mantras into the chat and watch everyone fall back in line!


“It’s Always Now.”

It’s always now, so why is everyone fucking around when Drake tickets are selling out before our very eyes? When you texted that everyone needed to get tickets NOW that didn’t mean “after Kelly finishes telling us about the dream she had where we were all back in college.” It meant now. Think it through, you guys and just Venmo the $150 plus processing fee!


“I Am Whole As I Am.”

As women, we’re bombarded with messages saying we’re incomplete unless we buy certain things or look a certain way but that’s a total lie. A reminder that we’re whole just as we are right now can be an immeasurable comfort in a hectic world. So when you’re trying to organize happy hour plans and Megan keeps sending pictures of dresses she might buy for some wedding she has to go to later this month, try using this to bring everyone’s attention back where it truly belongs.



“Nothing Is Forever.”

It is incredibly liberating to remember the utter impermanence of life, and this mantra is great for getting yourself in a more appreciative and thankful headspace. It’s also a great way to get Hannah to not send 40 texts in a row about Bachelor In Paradise, which she’s still watching for whatever reason. Nothing is forever, Hannah, so keep that in perspective and consider the big picture, Hannah. We don’t have time for your shit.


“I Am Enough And I Have Enough.”

This mantra is perfect for walking meditation in a labyrinth or when Anna decides it time to set off a whole thing by saying that she “neeeeeeeds pizza now”. No, you “neeeeeeeed” to figure out when your gals are available to help you move next weekend!


“Just Breathe.”

Simplicity is the thing to look for both in a mantra and in a group chat. It’s impossible to truly center yourself or figure out how everyone’s getting to Sarah’s wedding. Try repeating this mantra to yourself as you exhale in a sitting position, or typing it to your friends every few seconds to quiet them down and figure out if it’s worth it to rent a car when the train is probably cheaper.


Group chats are an amazing way to keep in touch with your best friends, but you can’t let them stress you out. When problems arise, be sure to let them know how mindfulness can put an end to their garbage and get everyone in a more focused, present state. Namaste!