8 Responses That Show The Group Chat You’re Paying Attention

Group texts are fun, but sometimes those group convos can move too fast when you’re busy doing something else. Can’t keep up with your friends sending sixty texts a minute? Try these amazing responses so your gals know you’re still paying attention!


Ugh TOTALLY. So yoga tomo?

You can always chime in with a strong agreement to whatevs was just said and pivot into yoga plans. And uh oh! If it turns out they already made plans for yoga tomo, easy! Just respond: “duh, just confirming!”


Uhhh he did WHAT?! Seriously, dump him.

Chances are one of your girls is complaining her dumb boyfriend, so this is a pretty safe response anytime of day, especially with what Lauren’s been dealing with. Ugh Mike. What a chode.


Omg yaaas that new Teen Vogue piece is like FINALLY.

Teen Vogue is straight killing it. We’re always taking about how great it is that we’re all woke and finally there’s something for us like Teen Vogue.


Uhm NO, Heather did not show up in sweatpants AGAIN?

We all know her, and we all trash her nasty outfits non-stop. Just plug in the name of your friend who always shows up in her sweatpants, and join in the roast!


Lololololol but like what IS JoJo doing anymore?!

We’re all constantly trying to figure it out: what the hell is 2004’s it-girl JoJo even doing anymore??? If you’re group text finally uncovers the mystery, let me know.


Haha – hey did you ever find a dress for that thing?

One of your friends is always looking for something to wear to something or other. Bring it up and show you care!


Omgggg do you need me to call the cops?!

Let your friends know you’re with them and totally freaked about what they’re dealing with, even if you haven’t caught all the details.



TBH it sucks but you’re gonna be ok!!!

It’s just like bitch to go through whatever your friend is rambling about but you know she’ll be on to something else in a week or so.


Alright, get those thumbs ready, because you’re ready to keep up with that group chat without really having to keep up. Phew! Don’t forget the dancing lady emojis!