How to Dance Like No One’s Watching Even Though You’re Standing On The Bar

Sometimes you just gotta push your inhibitions to the side, psych yourself up, and fully let loose, even if you ARE already dancing on the top of the bar and you’ve literally never had a problem with confidence. You’re a total exhibitionist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go that extra mile to demand the attention you crave! Here’s how to behave like the wild child you are when that’s the furthest thing from who you aren’t:


Close Your Eyes

A shy person might close their eyes, focus inward and sway to the music without making awkward eye contact with all the people watching you humping the corner of the bar, but you who are already shaking your fists and yelling “I’M A FUCK QUENN” as you rock out on top of the bar. Dance as though you need to think no one’s watching, even though you definitely know they are and you thrive on it. Closing your eyes is a great way to really tune into the music instead of the people around you, or in your case remain tuned into the people around you.


Just Go for that Crazy Move

A good way to loosen up and get silly is to just try some fun dance move, like the dab, whip, or nae nae. Even if you don’t really know how to do it (who are we kidding you definitely practiced in excited anticipation of this moment, knowing you were going to climb up on the bar within minutes of arriving at the bar), you should try to just relax, have fun and act like no ones even watching (even though you’re definitely aware of them watching and are doing this for that exact reason). You got this!



Have a Drink

We’re not saying you have to get wasted, but one or two drinks to loosen up isn’t the worst idea if you’re trying to overcome your fear of dancing in public, which you’re not because you’re not afraid of this at all. Still, having a drink might help the people around you assume you’re a tipsy girl having a good time instead of an attention whore who’s been plotting this moment all week. The bartender told you not to go up there and is threatening to have you removed, so it’s best if you pretend like you’re an insecure timid girl who needs this moment to find confidence in herself. Saying something like “I can’t believe I’m doing this!” should buy you another five minutes of this nonsense.


It can be hard to work up the courage to be comfortable moving in your own body in a public place. But not for you because you’re already grinding on a bottle of whisky as the bouncer glares at you. So, just go for it!