Aww! These Women Spent Their Entire Work Lunch Trading Excuses for Why They Were So Hungry   

Last week, Janine Nostram and Clarissa Donahue, the first and second heads of HR at a notable law firm, sat together during their work lunch and bonded while trading excuses for just why they were so hungry today.


We’re touched that these two coworkers have grown so close by constantly justifying their eating habits!


“Ugh I just remembered I had, like, the smallest breakfast in the world today,” said Janine. “That’s why I have to have such a big lunch.”


“Actually, me too, now that I’m thinking about it” added Clarissa. “I had like, half a banana. I forgot all about that, that’s probably why I’m so hungry right now!”


After grabbing their respective lunches, the ladies went on to further explain the reasons for their hunger.


“I mean, I definitely don’t usually eat this much,” said Clarissa, polishing off her third chicken tender of five. “I never do. But my doctor told me I needed more protein in my diet.”



“Yeah, same here. Mine said I need more iron, so I’ve had to force myself to eat a ton of red meat,” added Janine, who was halfway through a normal-sized cheeseburger.


We love when women get to bond over mutual pressure to make excuses for their normal American diet!


But these ladies weren’t done yet: The two made small talk until everyone except for them had exited the work cafeteria. Then, they both took a little snack for later!


“I probably won’t even need this,” said Mrs. Nostram, putting a tiny granola bar into her purse. “I don’t know what is with me today!”


This definitely isn’t normal for me either,” Clarissa replied, grabbing a pack of saltines. “It must be this weather or something. I’m so hungry specifically today and no other day.”


Wow, so heartwarming to see the effects of the crippling standards of acceptable public lady behavior in action!