7 Half-Marathons To Not Sign Up For

You’ve been thinking about running a half-marathon for a while, but you haven’t actually bitten the bullet and registered for a race. So why break tradition now? Save some money and all that time, chafing, and blisters. Here’s seven really great marathons to not sign up for––not now, not ever!


SoCal Wine Country Women’s Half Marathon and 5K – Temecula, California

This beautiful course takes you past rolling hills of vineyards and culminates in a wine tasting right after the race. So fun! But why do you need the middleman when you can just drive straight to the wine tasting? Bonus: if you stay at home, you can drink directly from the bottle!


Boise Women’s Classic Run – Boise, Idaho

Participants in this “fun run” will enjoy a great course, post-race juice bar, and live music. You know what? Good for them. You’d rather honor Idaho with another one of its offerings: potatoes, which you can fry until they taste really good. Now that’s our idea of fun!


Beach Babe Half Marathon and 5k – Long Beach, California

Are you a beach babe? Do you want to run 13 miles on the beach? If you have more than two blankets with sleeves, you’ve just answered the question. While this Long Beach race affords to opportunity to run next to the Pacific Ocean, you can stay home and eat Fritos next to your fish tank. Your choice.


Leading Ladies Marathon & Half Marathon – Spearfish, South Dakota

Imagine a half marathon where every woman supports and encourages each other, making sure that each runner feels like a warrior. Imagine getting to the finish line and hearing all your new friends cheering from you. Can you imagine it? Enjoy that visualization because that is the closest you will ever get to running in South Dakota.


Detroit Women’s Half Marathon and 5K – Detroit, Michigan

This half-marathon takes place in the Motor City! And speaking of motors, did you know your car can go the same distance as a half marathon in less than 15 minutes? And no one has to block off streets or hand you a cone of water. Give it a try­––we bet you’ll like it!



Magnificent Mile Chicago Women Half Marathon & 5K – Chicago, Illinois

This isn’t just one magnificent mile, it’s THIRTEEN. That’s almost two-and-a-half hours of running. That’s like if the entire time you watched Gone With The Wind you were running. Yeah, maybe next year!


Rock and Roll Vegas Half – Vegas, Nevada

This is a night run. In Vegas. So while everyone else is eating crab legs and losing money and drinking drinks with glowing ice cubes, you’ll be running through a desert for no reason except to get a medal at the end. Maybe just sign up to see Britney instead?

Imagine if you had trained for months, and signed up for any one of these marathons. Would you really want to live your life that way? No? Didn’t think so. Now get out there and complete the greatest half marathon of all… life!