Amazing! This Woman Cuts Toxic People From Her Life Unless She Needs Something From Them

Shelby Furner is a confident, independent young woman who has no problem cutting toxic people out of her life. Unless, of course, she needs something from them.


We’re amazed at how changeable her values are when it benefits her!


“I don’t have any space for negative people in my life,” said Shelby. “But I can definitely make some space if they could hook me up with a job lead.”


Ms. Furner went on to explain that she’s over all the bad energy that hanging around toxic people can bring.


“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that drama is so emotionally draining,” said Shelby. “If a friend is constantly causing trouble in my life, then I don’t have time for them! Unless that friend knows the door guy at Club Paradise, because I can never get in there. Then they’re probably fine.”


Wow, she’s really figured out how to manipulate a shitty situation to her advantage!


People close to Shelby have taken notice of her fickle idea of friendship.


“One day she’ll be talking about how much negativity someone brings to her life and the next day she’ll be gushing over how the same person sold her their Kinky Boots Tour tickets at a heavy discount,” said Ines Mantequilla, Ms. Furner’s best friend. “It seems like she’s fine with shitty people being in her life if she can use them?”



“Shelby called me toxic and totally shut me out of her life for, like, two months,” added Marlow Hanes, a former classmate of Ms. Furner’s. “But a few days ago, she re-added me on Facebook like everything was cool and sent me a DM asking if she could use me as a reference for a grad program she’s applying to. Apparently, people are non-toxic once she needs something from them. It’s pretty wack of her.”


But Shelby knows what’s good for her own life.


“I don’t need anyone around me who is going to cause me strife,” she said. “Unless they can design my website for me on the cheap, in which case, I can make an exception. That’s a little different.”


It’s really not, Shelby!