GOP Women Demand Less Pay for Equal Work

Equal Work

The Republican women’s caucus is proposing new legislation this week in Congress demanding “less pay for equal work.” The move is an attempt to reach out to female voters in anticipation of the 2016 midterm election.

“America is off-course,” says Republican strategist Mary Matalin, “It’s insulting to women to be paid the same amount as men for a job they don’t want as much and aren’t physiologically capable of doing as well.”

With this new message, delivered by women, the Republican Party is hoping to show that their platforms are explicitly not anti-women: although statistics show that 99% of women support equality in the workplace, the GOP insists that their new policies will resonate.


“In the 1950’s, women had more time for shopping, laundry, and gossip, and most of us miss that,” says Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. “As a working woman who makes more than most men, I can tell you that working is vastly overrated.”

“We’re not looking for a handout,” says GOP Congresswoman Kelly Ayotte. “And just to prove it, we’re happy to hand some back.”

While President Obama will likely veto the legislation if it makes it to his desk, GOP women have promised to support the spirit of the bill by returning a portion of their salaries to the American people. “Unless the government tries to get in the way,” Bachmann adds.