Man Admits It Would Be ‘Pretty Hot’ If Wife Left Him for Another Woman

Man Admits Wife Leaving Him 'Pretty Hot''

Jacob Hynes came to the realization that despite the rejection, it would be “pretty hot” if Christine, his wife of seven years, were to leave him to be with woman.


After growing tired of living together for so long, feeling like nothing more than roommates, Jacob imagines that Christine would branch out and try a new hobby – “one that’s filled with entire rooms of gorgeous, toned women, like yoga, or SoulCycle.”


Years of sexual incompatibility and work schedules would unveil her latent desire to feel the touch of another woman, and lead her to end their marriage within a day’s notice to pursue the life she’s always wanted.


“Then they would just have like, so much sex.”



“Or after another night of arguing with me about the water bill, she might meet a tall blonde woman at a bar, make eyes from across the room, and just up and leave me,” Hynes says. “I get sex chills just thinking about it.”


While Hynes is excited about the prospect of his wife experiencing true ecstasy and lasting love with a beautiful woman, he is somewhat concerned about his future following the breakup: “I probably won’t get to see her have sex with that incredibly hot woman.”


When asked about the emotional toil a separation may cause, Hynes grew pensive. “I have to admit it would cause me quite a bit of pain and anguish, and I’ll probably feel inadequate in every relationship afterward,” he says. “But I’m pretty sure it’d be worth it.”


“Also, she would definitely have to make some tough decisions about the kids,” Hynes says, adjusting the crease in his pants.