Man Won’t Let Woman Ghost Him in Peace

In the aftermath of two consecutive lackluster dates, 28-year-old Jackson Kelleher refuses to allow 26-year-old Veronica Fisher to ghost him in peace.


“I hadn’t texted him in two weeks, so I thought that was settled,” explained Veronica. “But then all of a sudden, he popped up from the void and texted me saying ‘hey stranger’. I’m being a stranger on purpose! So now it’s been three weeks of him trying to make plans with me and me pretending I’m busy.”


To Jackson, he and Veronica’s dates went swimmingly.


“I did most of the talking for sure, but I figured she was just kind of shy,” he said. “Plus, she loved my Donald Trump impression.”


Veronica, who wishes Jackson would just allow her to ghost him without any further trouble, sees things differently.


“He was boring, he was unfunny, we have nothing in common,” Veronica says. “It seems like it’d be ruder to tell that to someone than to just stop talking to them. I blame movies for giving men the idea that they should stop at nothing to pursue a woman who is very clearly not interested in them.”


“Just let me ghost you, damn!” she added.


Jackson simply doesn’t understand the issue.


“I can’t see a person like Veronica just up and ceasing communication with someone,” he said. “She’s been so kind, and ghosting is such an abhorrent thing. She’s just a busy lady!”


But Veronica has it figured out.



“Ghosting is just a part of dating now,” she said. “When someone I’ve gone on a date with doesn’t respond to one of my text messages, I just move on. I just wish he had gotten the message from total lack of response.”


At the time of publication, Jackson had sent three additional follow-up texts.