Woman Casually Passes Off String Lights She’s Had Up All Year As Christmas Lights

Nora Lowell casually alluded to the “festive holiday string lights” in her living room while hosting her annual holiday party this weekend. Friends who’ve visited Lowell within the past year were shocked to hear her claim, knowing the lights have been hanging there for months if not years.


“I’m sorry but those ain’t no Christmas lights,” said partygoer and longtime friend Manny Fatima. “Christmas lights get taken down. Those lights have been there since like 2014.”


Friends remember Lowell hanging the lights shortly after she saw something similar on a Pinterest board. This backstory explains why the lights are hung in a nonchalant criss-cross pattern on one wall, rather than lining the room like traditional holiday displays.


“She’s not gonna take down those lights unless she moves to a new apartment,” said Nora’s best friend Sherry Aparicio. “They’re part of the décor. I don’t know why she’s trying to fool us now.”



When pressed, Nora played completely dumb.


“They’re Christmas lights. Obviously, I hung them for Christmas. That’s what string lights are for.”


Still, friends are baffled why she’s sticking to this completely purposeless lie.


“Next she’s gonna tell us that her green shower curtain is in honor of Christmas too.”