Sister ‘Just Curious’ If You Kept Gift Receipt

After a heartwarming morning of opening Christmas presents with the family, it has been reported that your younger sister Megan is ‘just curious’ if you kept the receipt for the gift you got her.


“I’m not asking for any particular reason,” Megan said. “I’m honestly just wondering. I love the jacket you got me!”


Megan, who is obviously lying about liking that coat, continued with her request.


“I just always like to have the gift receipt,” she said. “For every gift I get, not just for what you gave me, because I honestly really like it!”


“So, yeah, like, did you keep the receipt by any chance?” she added.


The rest of your family is privy to her game.



“It’s really clear that Megan is asking for the gift receipt so she can return the jacket you got her,” said your brother Craig. “I got her a GoPro and she didn’t even bat an eyelash. I would just tell her I lost the receipt, but I’m petty like that.”


“Please just humor her and give her the damn gift receipt,” said your mom Lois. “Your father and I would love a calm holiday this year.”


Reports indicate your sister was seen wearing a different coat from the same store that she got for 30% off.