STUDY: More Women Choosing Careers Over Manchildren

A recent study from Harvard found that more American women are choosing careers over settling down in order to raise manchildren.


“While having a career and raising a manchild is technically not mutually exclusive,” says professor Julianne Wood. “Most women viewed marriage to a baby man to be an energetically draining activity that would detract from the amount of effort they could put toward their career or personal interests.”


Reasons women cited for not wanting to take care of manchildren included the constant responsibility to complete basic household tasks, and the emotional toll of the manchildren’s inability to communicate or in any way examine their own emotions.


The study does, however, have its detractors.


“What even is a manchild?” says Michael Egleton, a sociology professor at the University of Massachusetts. “I think these findings need to be more properly reviewed. I don’t know why a woman wouldn’t want a man to take care of her.”



While the survey shocked many in the academic community, many women say it comes as no surprise.

“I may not get the recognition I deserve at my job,” says Amanda Shuck, a digital analyst. “But at least it pays me money. Raising a manchild is a thankless job and doesn’t pay a damn thing – although my mother keeps telling me how rewarding it supposedly is.”


Asked whether she thinks taking care of manchildren could become it’s own lucrative career option in the future, Wood laughs.


“No, not many people are willing to admit that manchildcare is a service that should be paid for. But if that’s the cost of getting to leave the house and be free for 40-50 hours a week? I’ll consider it.”