Why I Set Up a Paywall to Stop Men From Talking to Me

We all know how annoying it is to be going about your everyday life, only to be rudely interrupted by some man trying to talk to you. I’ve tried everything to deter this – wearing headphones when I walk, not making eye contact with anyone on the street, pretending like I’m very into my daily Duolingo lesson on the train – yet they still remain absolutely convinced that I want to have a conversation with them. Which is why I finally set up a paywall to stop men from talking to me.


After setting-up a paywall, the change was immediate. Now, after three seconds of any type of unwanted conversation, a message pops up around me saying “You’ve reached your free interaction limit,” and boom, no more chatting! Nothing deters someone more quickly than taking the time to create an account or pay a monthly fee, so they promptly leave me alone and I get to continue my day with nary a nuisance.



I’ve never been able to live my life so efficiently!


As an added bonus, men aren’t able to check me out as I walk down the street, as the paywall prevents them from scrolling down beyond my neck. I feel so secure on my daily commute now, not having to worry about anyone ogling me or calling out to me, other than the occasional “Huh?” when looking at my paywall-blurred body.


And don’t even get me started on how much of a godsend this paywall is when I’m at a bar alone, waiting for a friend. Before, even if I was engrossed in a book, men would try to use what I was reading as a conversation starter. Now, I’ve been able to get through five whole chapters of Moby Dick without someone trying to turn it into a pick-up line! And if I accidentally make eye contact with a man across the bar now, they’re the one that looks away in fear of unintentionally signing up for an annual subscription.


Life with a paywall has never been easier. Not only have I been able to cut down on the number of times I say “sorry” unnecessarily, the men now say “sorry I bothered you” to me! I can’t recommend it enough. Of course, the best solution would be if men stopped trying to talk to women on the streets, but at least this one’s actually doable!