How to Get Away With Posting The Pic Only You Look Good In

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she must make a difficult choice between protecting her friends from the shame of how weird they look in a photo, or showing the world how amazing her own hair looked that day. If this day is upon you, here are some helpful tips for posting the pic where really only you look good.


Caption It With Something Supportive

People can’t get mad at positivity! Using phrases like “all these amazing women” and “I’m so blessed to be surrounded by” won’t blind Shania from the fact that weirdly half of her face is red in this picture, but it will distract her long enough to like the pic first. Then maybe her anger will be subdued by the fact that you say you love and respect her, despite this blatant evidence that you don’t. Sorry, girl!


Filter Wisely

It’s not your fault this is the only picture where you haven’t hated your hair, so you shouldn’t be punished. Find a filter that flatters as many of your friends as possible. Maybe the one where it’s dark along the outside and bright in the middle, so you glow but your friend’s weirdly lumpy hair is barely in view. Hopefully a generous filter can mend the damage you’re about to do.


Don’t Tag Everyone Else

If you don’t tag the other folks in the photo, there’s a better chance they won’t see it. If they don’t see it, they can’t complain about the fact that you are the only one who’s even looking at the camera while everyone else sneezes at the exact same time. This is a win/win. Just hope it doesn’t pop up on their newsfeed the next day and they see what you’ve done. You really needed this!



Unfriend All Your Friends

Cropping people out of a photo is tacky, but if they need to be removed from the photo, try removing them from your life instead. This is a permanent solution to the problem, but might be worth it if the pic is good enough. Remember: you’re doing this for them. Because you’re going to post this picture either way, so at least they won’t have to suffer through seeing it themselves.


In the future, make sure you keep taking pictures until everyone looks dazzling. But when that fails, try these tricks. Also, make sure to always take the pictures on your phone, because revenge is inevitable!