4 Açaí Bowls That You’re Just Going To Point To Instead of Pronouncing

By now you’ve probably heard of the açaí berry, the Brazilian superfruit that is taking the breakfast game by storm. This antioxidant packed craze is nutritious and delicious. It also boasts a cedilla under the ‘ç’ in its authentic Portuguese spelling. How do you pronounce it? Who knows; but you definitely won’t try to figure it out! Here are five tasty variations of the treat that you should just go ahead and gesture toward to avoid having to say its name out loud.


Honey Pineapple Açaí Bowl

This bowl is a fun, tropical addition to your summer Sunday routine! Rather than butchering the pronunciation, just refer to this option as #7 as it is listed on the menu of your local juice shop. Even if the cashier has to check to see what that number refers to, holding the line up for several minutes, it beats you coming across as the culturally insipid Neanderthal you are!


Berry Beet Açaí Bowl

Ready for a funky adventure? Try mixing it up with this semi-savory protein-packed snack. And if you’re looking for a real adventure, begin the immense linguistic undertaking that is correctly pronouncing the word Açaí. If you’re not feeling up to that, a confident finger pointing should do the trick.



Banana Açaí Bowl

This one is a classic. In fact, it might even be the signature dish of the whole pressed juice industry! Perhaps you can use leverage that to make it clear that this bowl is indeed the one you’re interested in without having to verbally indicate so using its name. Just say the “banana bowl” and prepare for some embarrassing follow-up questions until you finally explain what you really mean.


Soy Açaí Bowl

This bowl is basic fare for any Açaí fan who is also sensitive to lactose. If you’re sensitive to people judging the way you pronounce food from other countries, go ahead and point vaguely at the chalkboard and have the nice young man name each individual bowl on the board until he lands on the one you want.


There you have it! These are some of the best Açaí bowls that you can just go ahead and point at for the phonetically faint of heart!