Why I Only Trust Men and God


It’s a dangerous world out there—not just abroad where people are hell-bent on destroying our democracy, but here in America where you’re supposed to be able to rely on your fellow neighbor. That’s why I am discerning with whom I trust: namely, men and God.


After all, it’s a crazy world out there! You’d be surprised how many people are out to get you who aren’t the man I married, the men who lead our country, or our Lord Jesus Christ. The only people we can truly trust to have our backs are every single man and God Himself. Think about it this way: Dads are men, and all dads are gifts from God, who we can trust unconditionally because he’s our Creator.


As much as we like to think we can, you can’t just trust anyone. Troubled young men often act out because they made the mistake of trusting too many people—which opened themselves up for disappointment, which leads to anger, which leads to acts of violence. I wish I could sit those boys down and say, “Oh, honey. You can only count on other men and God in this crazy world. Now please put down the gun.”


The reason I can sleep at night is because I know that men are taking care of it, making our world a safer place. It sure is good to trust God and every single man.



People sometimes criticize me, saying that I should be more trustful of women. After all, I am a woman. And there are some amazing, inspiring women involved in higher ranks of government doing a great job. But then I tell them this story: I used to have a woman doctor until she told me that I had a lump in my breast that was pre-cancerous. I was devastated—why didn’t she ask me to come in for a check-up sooner? I couldn’t help but think that a man would have been stronger-willed and pushed me to go to the doctor. So I switched to a male doctor and since then, my health has been smooth sailing. It’s not that I don’t trust women—it’s just that I actively choose to trust God and men and maybe a few of the women who agree with me on this above all else.


I know that our country is divided right now, but I hope that people will take my thoughts to heart. We just have to trust that God will protect us, and that the men who are in power have our best interests at heart. So, if you’re reading this, men, please know that I trust you—as long as you look roughly like my husband or my father or God. Otherwise, you’re on your own!