7 Trends Men Hate, So Why The Fuck Are You Still Wearing Them?

We’ve had our eyes on some of the hottest, most unique trends this summer, even if all men hate them and you probably shouldn’t wear them. What do you think you are, special? If you keep this up, you will definitely die alone! Here are the summer trends we’re wondering why you’re still wearing:


Dark lipstick

Seen on literally every street and magazine cover this year, literally every man despises when women throw on a dark, vampy lip color. We all saw you rocking that maroon lip last Saturday, what the hell do you think you’re getting at? Chad thought you looked “goth.”


Bandeau Bikinis

These trendy bikinis show a lot of skin, which is great for summer! You might think you can pull a bandeau off at the beach next week, but unless you want men to ask, “Why are your boobs so low?” do not even try to have fun with this look.



High-Waisted Jeans

High-waisted jeans are back in style, even if Jason thinks they make you look like a middle-aged mom! Men hate moms and pants that don’t cling tightly to your hips, and yet you have three pairs. What are you doing? It’s like you are completely unaware of how men are feeling at all times. Seriously, burn all your high-waisted jeans.


Peplum Tops

This fashionable cut is trending hard right now! You might think that peplum is a cute way to emphasize your waist, but it just makes men think you have something to hide. Why are you still making the same mistakes over and over again?


Pixie cuts

Inspired by Emma Watson, you thought it would be a great idea to chop off your long locks for the season. You probably think you look cool, but when men look at you their dicks literally fall off. Were you trying to be edgy or something??


These are the trendiest looks that will make you all but invisible the men around you, so why not stop giving them a try? Avoid all your favorite trends and interests, and the men will come a-begging!