5 Trends Men Hate the Most and How to Do Them Effectively

Every now and then, a fashion trend comes along that women love… and men hate. So how do you find the hottest trends that will most effectively stoke men’s ire? Here are the five hottest trends that men loathe and how you can pull them off successfully enough to repulse them completely.


Menswear for Women

Many men hate it when women wear menswear inspired fashions such as blazers, loose-fit jeans, and long shorts, and we’re here for it! To rock this look the hardest, make sure to button your shirt all the way up – hell, maybe even throw on a bow tie! The more manly you look, the farther the scared men will run!


Maxi Dresses

Some men find it unappealing when women wear dresses that don’t show your legs. So find yourself a comfy skirt or dress that goes fully to the ground, like allll the way around, and enjoy the lack of unwelcome attention from men! Ahh. It’s nice.


Super High Heels

Some men love the idea of high heels, but feel intimidated by them in real life, especially if a beautiful, strong woman towers over them. So when you want to get on trend and intimidate tiny, insecure men, throw on the highest pair you can find and we’ll see you on the red carpet, bitch!


Mom Jeans

Guys don’t want you wearing a pair of jeans that makes it look like you could carry kids. If you really wanna foist your unwelcome fertility on men, find a loose pair of mom jeans in an acid wash. Trust us – they’ll run screaming from your fertile loins!




Men are scared of what they don’t understand. So scare them, girl. Scare them. Get the perkiest peplum you can find.


There it is – the best fashions for giving men exactly what they don’t want. Now get out there and rock that look!