Quiz: Is She Your New Best Friend Or Is She Just Wearing Overalls With Confidence?

Quiz: Is She Your New Best Friend Or Is She Just Wearing Overalls With Confidence?


Sometimes it’s hard to figure out if your new acquaintance is destined to be your lifelong soul sister. A friendly chat could turn into a deep and meaningful relationship that sustains both of you for years, but there’s it is equally possible that the girl you’ve been talking to is just a random stranger who is pulling a lewk in denim overalls. Take this quiz to find out if you’ve made a new bestie or simply encountered someone who possesses both overalls and self-esteem!


This friend-of-a-friend is really easy to talk to. Is that because:

  1. She pays attention to you when you’re talking instead of scanning the room for someone more interesting.
  2. She’s wearing overalls so you have decided with no real proof that she is both a confident and approachable lifelong friend.


Have you and this woman ever had a one-on-one conversation that lasted over ten minutes?

  1. Yes! You lost track of time chatting. You have so much in common!
  2. No, but there’s something about her general wearing-overalls-and-not-giving-a-fuck vibe that makes you pretty sure you’re long-lost sisters.


Your co-worker seems like the kind of person you could get impromptu brunch with. Is that because:

  1. She told the funniest story in a meeting the other day.
  2. She wore overalls to work! That’s it! You have no sense of her personality, but this girl must really have her shit together to feel comfortable doing that!


If you had a medical emergency and needed someone to take you to the hospital, would she be the one?

  1. Definitely! She’d be there for you in a heartbeat, and you’d be there for her, too.
  2. You don’t technically have her phone number or know her name, but overalls have lots of pockets, and pockets would be helpful for storing gauze, right?


You feel like you’ve known your new roommate for ages. Is that because:

  1. You grew up in the same town and have friends, experiences and values in common.
  2. This fabulous overall ensemble is subconsciously reminding you of the nineties which is cool and fun. She should probably be your maid of honor, but only if she wears those overalls!





Mostly A’s: Congratulations! You’ve found a new best friend! Friendship is a beautiful thing, so have fun, make memories, and stop by the mall for some overalls! They’re so comfortable!


Mostly B’s: You are projecting your own desire for a helpful, nonthreatening, reassuring female presence onto the blank canvas that is a random woman out in the world wearing overalls. You do not know her and you should leave her alone. If you like overalls so much, just get a pair.