Women Are So Catty Except Almost Every Woman I’ve Ever Met

Listen, I work with women, I’ve lived with women, I’ve seen women. And let me tell you, women are so catty. I mean, with the small exception of pretty much every woman I’ve ever met.


Ugh! I just can’t stand it anymore! You see it all the time: in movies, in TV shows, in made-for-TV movies, and I guess probably in real life sometimes, too?


Look left, you find one woman attempting to undermine another. Look right, a woman unnecessarily spewing nasty remarks. Women can’t help but be catty; it’s in their blood, except all my friends, coworkers, my mom and most of the women I interact with day-to-day who are honestly pretty chill and easy to talk to.


But it’s gotten to the point where I can’t even talk to women. They’re scarily malicious, backstabbing, and aggressive, if you overlook all the times when they’re being unprecedentedly thoughtful and outrageously supportive (I just had oral surgery and Christine brought over the most delicious soup!).


Sometimes the cattiness reaches levels that, I’m sorry, can only be described as “bitchy.” This happens all the time and often and constantly. Take my boss for example: She’s a woman. And sometimes she tells me what to do. Which I guess isn’t catty – she is just doing her job correctly. But many women are bitchy in ways that I can’t even think of an example for because they are so sneaky and duplicitous.


I’m just so tired of it. Maintaining female friendships has become a difficult task. Every time I speak to women, they are encouraging me to pursue better relationships, empowering me to achieve my dreams, and ridding me of my insecurities. Why can’t they just be happy for me?!



Hands down, the cattiest women I’ve ever met are the ones who own cats. Sometimes their cats have scratched me and it is just the worst. You might not believe me but I’ve even experienced this behavior from my own sister who has two cats (they’re Persian cats and really cute). That’s how catty women are that you can’t even trust your own sister’s pets not to attack you. Try trusting a woman and getting close to her knowing that!


All I’m saying is, women really need to figure out a way to work together and support each other like most of the ones I’ve met always have.