Check Out These 6 Unique Engagement Rings, Scott

An engagement ring is a statement that lasts forever, so why get an engagement ring that looks like everyone else’s? Here are a few unique rings definitely worth a look, Scott.


Princess-Cut Diamond Frame Twist Bridal Set in 14K White Gold –

This princess-cut diamond will make any girl feel special, especially if she’s been dating the same guy for eight years, Scott. The beautiful twist is the perfect metaphor for the intertwining of two lives so you should probably take a look at this one.


Natural Diamond Ring

This ring is ornate and commands attention. It’s perfect for someone who loves to stand out and is ready to make her relationship a focal point without losing her sense of self. Hmm? Sound familiar, Scotty?


Turquoise and Diamond Ball Ring

This one keeps it classic with diamonds but cool with turquoise accents. It’s perfect for someone who has an Audrey Hepburn poster in her room but also goes to Burning Man. You know, someone your mom loves and wants you to marry before her eggs dry up. This is directed at Scott.


Yellow Sapphire Diamond Ring

Yeah, that’s right–yellow sapphire! Usually sapphires are blue, but the color change is what makes this piece unique and unexpected, just like the proposal could be, Scott. Did you see Jen and Travis just got engaged? They’ve only been together for two years.


Blue Nile Studio Petite French Pave Crown Diamond Ring

This one is unique because it’s French, and can always serve as a reminder of your honeymoon in Paris. Don’t you want to go to Paris, Scott? Step the fuck up.



Rose Gold Stacking Rings

Get these fucking rings for me, Scott.


There you have it! Six incredible options for popping the question this Saturday at 7:30 PM at the rooftop restaurant on 34th, please. Got that, Scott? I’ll be waiting.