The 5 Best-Tasting Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring - Reductress

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed about what my future engagement ring would taste like. The scene was always the same: he’d get down on one knee, I’d say yes, and then I’d immediately put the ring in my mouth. I’m obsessed with yummy rings. Heck, I’ve licked every diamond at Tiffany’s and I’m not even in a relationship! Here is the ultimate guide to finding a rock to fit your budget, match your personality, and taste great. Before the holiday engagement season kicks off, here’s a look at five of the year’s most scrumptious bling:


1. 1/4 CT Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire in 18K Yellow Gold Setting

Ring 1 blh

Talk about finger-lickin’ good! You will literally lick your finger if this ring is on it. A great option for couples on a budget, this timeless design will remind you of your grandmother’s ring and how it felt in your mouth. Think of the proposal as the appetizer to your life together.


2. 4 CT Pear Shaped Halo Engagement Ring
Ring 2

This vintage pear-cut stone is a beautiful choice for a modern bride who loves fruit. The classic-but-tasty shape goes with everything from 50s-inspired dresses to hummus. The gluten-free 18K white gold setting looks great on all skin tones and will pair well with meat or fish, but it’s also great to gum on by itself. Open wide and say, “I do!” And then eat this ring.


3. 6.62 CT Chocolate Diamond Ring
Ring 3

Who doesn’t love chocolate? At just under $12K, this tasty number is sure to become a family heirloom. The filled scratch along the right side adds a savory, almost umami-like flavor that’s not for everyone – but if you like salty desserts, this is the ring for you. This is a ring that your daughter and her daughter will be honored to eat.



4. 5.5 CT Round Diamond Pavé Engagement Ring
Ring 4

Put the “mmm” in “commitment” with this round-cut morsel. The shape evokes exotic weddings in far-flung locales and also it sort of looks like an M&M. No one in rush hour traffic will know you’ve got a delicious secret snack click-clacking around your mouth. Pop in the oven at 350º to bring out the flavors of complex BASF mining chemicals.


5. 14K Gold Emerald Solitaire Ring
5 ring copy

This playful snack is great for free spirits and jokesters. Try this prank: walk into work with no ring on your finger. They’ll say, “Wait, Jessica, where’s your ring? Is the wedding off?” Then you’ll say “Do you like seafood?” Then they’ll say “What?” Then you’ll open your mouth and show them the ring, sitting square on your tongue. Then they’ll say, “Jessica, we’re worried about you.” This ring tastes really good!!!