Woman Jealous That Oscar the Grouch Doesn’t Have a Roommate

25-year-old Dominique Davis was channel surfing from her two-bedroom, shared apartment yesterday when she came across Sesame Street for a couple seconds, and found herself stunned at the freedom and joy of Oscar the Grouch living his best life in a trash can with no other roommates.


“Sure, my place is nice,” Dominique said. “But I can’t help thinking that it would be so much better without a roommate who I had to share the space with, like Oscar and his metal exterior studio apartment.”


Dominique has been living with her roommate Regina Garcia for over two years now, and while the duo seems to be getting along great, there has been some mounting tension over Dominique wanting to live in a trash can all by herself ever since she saw the children’s program yesterday.


“I was on the couch with her when she was looking for something to watch,” Regina told us. “And when she saw Sesame Street, she stared at Oscar the Grouch for a while and said, ‘Huh, must be nice.’ I’m not really sure what she meant by that, though.”



While Dominique does see the flaws in Oscar the Grouch’s living arrangement, she also believes that the pros outweigh the cons.


“On one hand, I’m sure his place smells like garbage all the time, and he probably smells like garbage too,” Dominique said. “But I also don’t think he realizes how hard it is to find an affordable one-bedroom in New York, and honestly, he should be grateful for what he has. I mean, seriously, what a steal!”


At press time, Dominique has been looking for trash cans on StreetEasy available for rent for her next lease.


“I haven’t had any luck yet,” Dominique said. “But I know they’re out there somewhere! Maybe I should reach out to Oscar directly.”