How to Plan for 4/20 Even Though That’s Not What It’s About, Nerd

If you’re new to smoking weed, or you just like to stress yourself out for no reason, then planning the perfect 4/20 holiday is probably right up your alley. That’s why we’ve made a list of great ways to plan for this upcoming holidaze, even though that’s not what it’s about, you nerd!


Schedule your first toke of the day, if you’re someone who needs to do that.

If you’re not much of a stoner, then you probably have a whole lot of other things going on that you have to painstakingly schedule smoking weed around for this one special day. So go ahead and pencil in that first toke or bong rip in the morning, because it seems like you’re the type of person who needs to, you freak!


Make a spreadsheet of strains to choose from even though it doesn’t matter.

If you need to make sure you have the best 4/20 possible (which therein lies the issue), then you should do some research about all the different kinds of strains out there, then make a spreadsheet with all of their relevant info, as if your dealer or dispensary will actually have any of them! C’mon, you know you want to, dork!



Plan an outing with your friends where you can all be paranoid together.

No one wants to be paranoid alone, so instead of chilling peacefully inside your own home by yourself or with a couple friends, why don’t you start a group chat with at least five people and plan an outing to a museum, club, bar, or movie theater! Yeah, this 4/20 is gonna be one you’ll never forget! Y’know, because of how scared everyone will be! Aw, what a dweeb.


So if you want this 4/20 to be a perfect, finely-tuned, and strictly regimented day, follow the tips above to make sure you get super high and super stressed out, or maybe just relax and sit at home to watch some dumb movies instead! It’s not rocket science, even though you probably want it to be, nerd-ass!!