5 Sexts to Make His Dick Go ‘HEY’

Foreplay comes in all shapes and sizes, and you don’t even have to be in the same place to engage in it! That’s right, we’re talking about sexting—the art of being sexual over text messages. Don’t know what to say to get your man excited? Don’t worry! Here are five sext ideas that’ll make his dick go “HEY!”


“I want you so bad.”

Get straight to the point with this sext in which you tell your guy that you wanna be all up on his dick. Even though his brain will process this text, his dick is gonna realize you’re talking about it and it’s gonna be like, “HELLO!”


“Can’t stop thinking about last night.”

If you and your guy got dirty last night, embark on a shared memory experience by invoking the good time you guys had via text. Once he realizes you’re thinking about last night, he’ll start thinking about last night too, and his dick, which had a prominent role in last night’s fucking will be like “BEEP BEEP HEY.” Good! Now the gang’s all here.


“I can’t get enough of you.”

Let your man know you’re never going to be sick of his dick with this hot text that’s gonna make his penis be like, “HELLO, SAILOR” right in his trousers. He’ll start getting excited about the next time you see each other, and with every thought he has, his dick is gonna be like “YO.”


“I have a surprise for you tonight…”

Your guy might think he knows what to expect when you get together (sex) but pique his curiosity with this text that promises that things are going to be even more exciting. Then his imagination will run wild and his dick is gonna be like, “CIAO, BELLA.” One thing that’s not surprising? That this text made his dick very happy.



Send a pic.

If your man is a visual learner, snap a picture of yourself and send it his way. It’ll take him by surprise, especially his dick, which will be like “GA GA GA GA… AHHHH!!! HA HA YES, MUAH.” Isn’t the human body just gorgeous?


When it comes to sexting, don’t feel stressed! There’s a sexting approach for everyone and with these five ideas, you’ll be sure to make his dick go, “HEY!”