4 Sex Moves That Say, ‘I’m the Captain Now’

Guys love it when women take control in the bedroom, so why not take it to a whole other level? Being assertive in the bedroom doesn’t just turn your man on, it can also give him the sexy feeling of an experienced sea captain whose ship has been overtaken by pirates, like the titular hero of 2013 film Captain Phillips. Here are four sex moves that say, “Get off, bitch; I’m the captain now!”


Go Slow

Men often expect sex to be fast, so surprise him by taking the lead and going slow. The suspense will be tantalizing, and he’ll be completely under your spell. It’s like your normal sex life is the MV Maersk Alabama, and your mouth is a menacing Somali pirate hijacking it. Going slow is the perfect way to tell your man, “Take a seat, Lil’ Skipper—I’m running this ship now.”


Make Eye Contact

There’s nothing like a meaningful stare to heighten the rest of your senses, and put you in control. Whisper in his ear, “Look at me,” and he’ll know that he’s not only about to go on a wild sexual ride, but that you’re evoking the classic line from Captain Phillips and you’re the captain now—the sex captain.



Get on Top

Whether this is a new position for you or a favorite, nothing beats the thrill of seizing control and getting on top. Rock your hips back and forth like the waves that carried Captain Phillips’ container ship closer and closer to the Somali coast. Being on top also puts you in control of pace and rhythm, and sends the strong message that you’re the captain now.


Say, “I’m the Captain Now”

Dirty talk is a great way to engage the mind as well as the body, and saying “I’m the captain now” is a great way to tell your man that you’re the captain now. Whether you whisper it in his ear, murmur it into his neck, and shout it in his face, this line is perfect for dirty-talkers-in-training who don’t know where to start. Also, it tells your man very clearly, “I’m the captain now.”


Good sex is all about communication, and with these four moves, you’ll be communicating to your guy the most important message of all—you’re the captain now. Ahoy!