Inspiring Morning Mantras To Help You Get Through Your Morning Mantra Ritual

Hello, beautiful sun goddess! A new day brings many reasons to rejoice and honor the earth’s eternal gifts through a morning mantra ritual, but it can be hard to get through your morning mantra when you’re just sooo tired. That’s why you need a second set of mantras to help get you through! These mantras will certainly give you the inner peace, fortitude, and sheer determination to finish your morning mantra ritual.


“Live in the present.”

You crawled out of bed twenty minutes early to sit on the floor and chant, so you should enjoy it! Look at how well you’re doing already. Remembering to live in the present has given you the inspiration to sit here and get through your for-real mantra now.


“There are blessings everywhere; I just need to find them.”

Did you hear that? There are blessings literally everywhere! Just say this to get started with your morning mantra ritual and you’ll be on your way. Sure, journaling is great but that takes so much effort and honestly where do you find a pen? Just repeat this over and over again until the blessing from your regular mantra practice begins to appear. We believe in you!


“I release that which I cannot control.”

Sweet, sweet release!  Acceptable pre-mantra mantra things to release include: judgment, negativity, Kevin’s phone number, greed, all the lyrics to “Dirrty” by Christina Aguilera, jealousy, your expired eczema cream, and fear. Unacceptable things to release: this mantra ritual. You are definitely in control of sucking it up and doing it!!




Om my god, look at you! You’re actually doing pretty well with this morning mantra before your morning mantra thing. And om is such a simple yet powerful way to do the bare minimum with this ritual. You’re probably getting inspired just thinking about meditating with this monosyllabic mantra. Just don’t let it lull you back to sleep!


Welcoming more beauty and perspective into your morning is always a good call, even if you don’t feel up to it. These mantras are guaranteed to inspire you to finish half-assing that mantra ritual so you can do it all again tomorrow!