Feminist Win! The Presidential Cabinet Has Plenty of Women and They All Know How to Read

As many as four women have been selected for top positions in the presidential cabinet. But did you know that, despite the odds stacked against women in government, these powerful women also know how to read?


The mainstream media frequently attempts to portray this administration as one that belittles women and disregards their rights, but the overwhelmingly adequate number of women who can read in this administration suggests we should actually be celebrating its progressiveness! After all, four women now occupy major roles in the presidential cabinet. That’s more than any other cabinet, ever. Is this factually true? According to us, yes. And one thing’s for sure, every single one of these amazing women can read. Those were our standards and they’ve more than exceeded them!


Women have already come so far, and the Trump administration is only helping them use them where they need them the most. Take Nikki Haley, for example: She’s the first woman governor of South Carolina and the future US Ambassador to the UN. But did you know she had advanced reading skills for her age throughout middle school! Not many people can say that!


Finally, women who share our values have other women to look up to in the government – ones that can read each and every document that lands on their desk!


There’s also Elaine Chao for transportation secretary, Seema Verma for head of centers for Medicare and Medicaid, and Betsy DeVos for education secretary, who speed-read The Secret Life of Bees way faster than anyone else in their book club.



We’ve heard some criticism that there should be other criteria on which to judge these inspiring cabinet nominees, like, does Elaine Chao know what a car is? Has Seema Verma met a doctor? Could Betsy DeVos correctly indentify a school in a photo? The answer to all of those questions is yes, and as soon as we found out they could also read and read well—we realized the Trump administration really hit the jackpot.


There’s just no limit to what women can accomplish under this new government!


So while it may feel easy to criticize how few women have a part in this administration, think again, because there are actually plenty. More importantly, they know how to read. If you criticize any of them for any reason, you’re actually very sexist. Incredible!