Inspiring! This Woman Uses Pure, Unadulterated Rage to Fuel Her Morning Run

Leanne Wilkes of Rockport, Maine, has found the perfect workout hack: Instead of investing in costly energy drinks and nutrient bars in order to start her morning run, she simply channels the massive amounts of rage she feels about the world to put some pep in her step every day.

“It used to be really hard to drag myself out of bed, especially on long run days, or days when it was cold out,” says Leanne. “But since our country started going to hell and my ex started acting up again, I just let myself feel my natural amounts of rage build up and it motivates me like nothing else.”

Go Leanne! Feel that burning anger!

Leanne was worried about getting in a five-mile run before brunch with friends on a recent Saturday. Luckily she woke up in an angry, unnerving sweat around 6 AM, which left with no other option than to run it off.

“My doctor wants to put me on anti-anxiety meds, but I’ve shaved 50 seconds off my mile in the last month with this level of pure, seething wrath.”


This lady is not letting doctors get in the way of her workouts!



Asked how she taps into her rage, Leanne reminds us that the world is full of rage-material.

“All I have to do is read literally anything in the news. I mean, even if I try to stay off Twitter, the anger finds me. Yesterday I got a text from a friend asking if I’d host her baby shower.”