Hero! This Woman Finally Worked Up The Courage To Look At Her Bank Statement

After months of careful avoidance, Nina Owens of Bedford, Virginia made the heroic decision to finally log into her bank account and check her bank statement.


Instead of delaying the reveal for weeks as her balance dwindled to dangerous levels, she made the decision to come clean with herself and witness her balance of $46.19.

“It’s a good thing I checked because I was about to reactivate my Netflix account.,” explains Nina. “Definitely not doing that now.”


Wow! How courageous to buck up and face the firing squad!


Nina now plans to subsist on takeout leftovers and boxes of cereal and pasta until payday.


“I’m being honest, I’ll probably still put a few things on my credit card,” she added.



Wow – this woman is taking financial responsibility into her own hands!


“I should probably check my credit card balance too,” she added. “But I think I’m gonna save that for next week.”