Man Sexts You to See How You’re Holding Up

In a developing story out of wherever you are taking shelter, you randomly received a text from that guy you met on Tinder earlier this year then stopped talking but don’t remember why just sexted you at 2 am to see how you were holding up during these dark times.


“Awww that’s sweet that he randomly thought of me during this time of crisis and wanted to check up to see how I’m doing,” you innocently thought when this all started as a push notification.


Upon further investigation, it appears he does, indeed, want to know how you’re holding up by letting you know that he misses your big fat titties and also suggests that you should come over sometime despite “all the crazy shit that’s going on”.


“Wowwww”, most would react to a random text like this.



At this point, it’s hard to be surprised by anything the world is going to present, but somehow this unexpected piece of news stands out!


“At least someone is thinking about me,” thought that lonely brain of yours behind those quarantine-tinted glasses you’re wearing to help you read his sext.


The temptation to reciprocate, or even respond platonically, is strong given this sex-scarcity mindset. What if no one else sexts you?


Is he bored, lonely, horny, panicking, and clueless? All signs are indicating that, yes, all of those.


Several sources have already reported that young, immunocompetent people are acting invincible during this public health crisis, but this dude seems a little too invincible for anyone’s comfort.


Some sense of nihilistic horniness must have overridden his rational thinking. Or, alternatively, it didn’t and he’s always been this way.


It’s too hard to tell what any of us were like before this all started.


Dare you risk regression to respond to this tempting sext? Eh, why not! This is one of the horniest times in modern history, and maybe he genuinely wants to make sure you’re okay.