Man Holding Elevator Door Open For Women Really Just in The Way

Roy Holmes spent nearly five minutes holding the door open for women at the Washington Square shopping mall in Portland, OR, Monday, despite many women’s perception that he was just getting in the way.


“I like to do nice things for the ladies,” explains Roy, who dramatically ran to get the door for no less than twelve women while on his smoke break.


“I was just walking out to the parking lot when all of a sudden this guy gets in my face and grabs the door,” explains Simone Kelly. “And he was blowing cigarette smoke. It was gross.”


“He stuck his hand out to lead the way for me like I was some kind of queen,” says Aubrey Lionel, who was at the mall to grab some bath bombs from the Lush store. “But it just made it take longer for me to get out to my car.”



Every woman interviewed seemed more annoyed than aided by Holmes’ actions. But Holmes, who works in the kitchen at the mall’s Cheesecake Factory, sees himself as a bit of a hero.


“People don’t know how to treat women anymore,” he says. “Women are gentle creatures and deserve care.”


“You shouldn’t just come flying at strangers like that,” says Amy Reading. “It’s scary. Especially these days when there’s so many freaks out there.”


“I’ve got some extra Cheesecake Factory coupons in my truck,” Holmes said to one woman, who fled the scene before we could get her name.


“See, no one is gracious these days,” he tells us. “It’s a damn shame.”