Journal Honestly Really Needs to be Caught Up on Things

In a developing story out of Brooklyn, early reports have shown the journal belonging to Lillian West honestly really needs a bit of an update on events that have transpired since the last entry.


“I wanted to use the extra time I had in quarantine to get into journaling again,” West said, “But damn, I’m going to have to really catch my journal up on a lot. It’s going to be like four pages of just world news and what I’ve been eating.”


The journal’s last entry was dated February 15th, 2020. It detailed complaints Lillian had about her mediocre Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend.



“Ugh, Carson was late and didn’t even buy flowers. I’m so tired of this nonsense! Shit sucks :/” the journal entry read. “P.S. Just got my coachella tickets!!! Can’t wait for summer!!”


“I don’t know how I’m supposed to go from that to an entry straight from the apocalypse,” West said.


Preceding entries in Lillian’s journal include similarly light-hearted topics from before quarantine began such as leaving her driver’s license at the bar and an in-person argument she had with a friend.


“Honestly, I was going to start just quickly listing key things that have happened since the quarantine started, but then I started worrying about if my journal will be used as a historical document one day, so I have to be thorough,” said West, as she began to aggregate her detailed research.


At press time, West had finished briefing her journal about COVID-19 news and then realized nothing has really happened since quarantine started. There have been no following entries but there have been talks of turning it into a recipe journal.