Inspiring! This Woman Got Over Her Crush By Listening To Him Speak

When Amani Felt gets a crush, it usually sticks. But this month Amani changed the game, quickly getting over her crush simply by taking a moment to listen to him talk!


“Normally I’d make note of his butt and face and everything before I dug deeper,” says Amani. “But this time I decided to go up and talk to him a little bit instead.”


And the results were inspiring.


“Almost as soon as I heard him start speaking, I knew the crush was over,” she explains. “David was bragging about the color of his car, mansplaining law schools to his female boss, and declaring the Trump presidency as evidence that ‘the pendulum needs to swing back sometimes.’”


Wow! We didn’t know feelings could flee so quickly just hearing a man say bad, dumb words!



“Everything out of his mouth was a disaster,” says Amani, who offered to grab David a coffee while she was out and was abruptly told that, “Coffee will kill you. I never touch it.”


Despite the many chances he was given by the bored and low-key horny Amani, David’s terrible, idiotic words ultimately marked the end of her attraction.


“The other day I was explaining something to a coworker and he interrupted to say, ‘Wow, I didn’t expect you to be that smart.’ It really hasn’t been hard at all to get over him at all.”