Whoa! Every Single One of Erin’s Close Friends Is ‘The Most Beautiful Woman In the World’

After carefully reconstructing past comments, acquaintances have realized that according to Erin, literally every single one of her friends is “the most beautiful woman in the world.”


Whoa! What a gorgeous group of friends she has!


“I thought she was talking about the same person at first,” says Erin’s coworker Amanda Feinberg. “But then I realized she was describing how amazing Kim looked on her wedding day, and it was her already married friend Sam who she’d previously described as the most beautiful. I guess she just has a lot of friends that are more stunning than anyone else.”


We don’t know how this mysterious natural phenomenon managed to happen in a single friend group, but we’re fuggin’ here for it!


Despite their varying appearances, all of Erin’s close friends are “the most beautiful woman in the world” according to her. She has uttered this phrase various times in reference to Kim, Sam, Ashley, Chloe, Keisha, and Jane.


Pressed for comments on each, Erin assured us that, “Oh my fucking God, yes, she’s stunning. Most beautiful woman in the world inside and out. Beautiful face, beautiful soul!”


Insane that so many women can be the most gorgeous and also all be one of Erin’s closest friends!



Erin’s friends assured us that Erin is also the most beautiful woman in the world, but she disagrees.


“No way! I look like total trash!”