Hero! This Woman Didn’t Take Her Husband’s Last Name Cause She Didn’t Understand The Paperwork

Although many have seen her decision not to take her husband’s last name as a feminist move, 30-year-old Judy Klein has been quick to explain to everyone that she simply did not understand the complicated legal paperwork she’d be required to fill out.


“I wasn’t very interested in completely dropping my last name in order to take Brian’s, especially cause I’m an only child,” explains Judy. “But more so because it required me to get a new social security card, change my license at the DMV and change all my bank account information. I’m not even super sure I know how to get gas.”


“So that’s why I said, no thanks, Brian,” adds Judy. “Mainly because the papers I’d have to fill out ask really hard and boring questions.”


Judy’s friends and family are applauding her for refusing to participate in outdated patriarchal traditions.


“I’m so glad Judy decided to stand her ground,” says longtime friend Rebecca Harvey. “And not only did she just say ‘no’, she also tore up the paperwork and screamed, ‘This makes absolutely no sense!’ It was so badass!”


“Changing your last name is such an archaic thing to do,” says friend Leigh Wendt. “She has a good sense of humor about it though. The other day Judy was like, ‘I would do it but it’s actually really confusing. Would you help me with it?’ I laughed and laughed!”



When reached for comment, Brian, Judy’s husband, spoke about the situation.


“We looked at the paperwork together but did you know you have to change all your payroll forms, your electric information, your insurance information, your doctors’ office record, your passport information, and your airline miles?” says Brian. “Upon learning this we both decided to forget it.”


Still, Judy is being applauded for defying expectations.


“I’m not really interested in having a baby either,” says Judy. “It’s just never been something I want to do. I hear you have to fill out birth certificate forms at the hospital? Sounds so hard and confusing. Absolutely not!”