Wow! This Woman Keeps Telling Everyone She Still Hasn’t Packed Yet

26-year-old Tara Eagleton is not holding back tonight, as she’s told every person she’s encountered that she leaves for a trip tomorrow and has not started packing yet.


Tara began spreading word of her procrastination at a friend’s gathering on Sunday evening. Though no one had brought up the subject of travel, Tara continually found ways to mention the fact that she has a flight booked for Seattle tomorrow morning at 7am, and yet she has not packed a single thing.


“She seems very proud of herself,” says her friend, Ryan Tippet. “Like, she’s treating it like some kind of edgy badge of honor.”


Sources say Tara has approached nearly every group at the party to ask how much time they think she will need to pack for a five-day trip. Suggestions have varied, but regardless of the response, Tara seems to just enjoy informing people that she leaves in eight hours and has not begun even making a packing list.


“She should probably spend more time packing and less time talking about how she hasn’t started packing yet,” advises her friend, Marcy Jameson.



As the party continued into the night, Tara seemed to devote more and more energy to informing everyone about her delayed travel preparations.


“I always wait until the last minute!” Tara was heard, exclaiming loudly to no one in particular. “I almost missed my flight last time because I was still packing when my Uber arrived!”


When one attendant at the party suggested they all call it a night, Tara shouted loudly that that was for the best, as she had to leave in the morning and still had a lot of packing to do.

“What a fun party,” Tara tells us afterwards. “Almost makes me wish I didn’t have to go home and pack. I leave tomorrow and I haven’t even started yet.”