Wow! This Woman Works Out Frequently Enough That She’s Not Sore After Every Time

In an unprecedented display of perseverance and fortitude, 29-year-old Lacy Hollingsworth frequents the gym often enough that she’s able to not be painfully sore after every single visit.


“I didn’t even realize that was possible,” says Lacy’s friend, Claire. “I’ve always assumed that being incredibly sore after every workout was an inevitable fact of life.”


How exactly Lacy reached this point is a matter of much speculation: Co-workers, friends, and family all marvel at Lacy’s ability to return to the gym with enough consistency so as to avoid being crippled by excruciating soreness after every session.


“I always assumed everyone worked out the same way I do,” says Lacy’s cousin, Rhonda. “I work out. I take enough time off to get over my soreness. Three months later I finally get back on the treadmill. Cycle restarts.”


Even staff members of the gym Lacy attends can’t believe the frequency with which she’s working out.


“We see it all the time,” says Adam Ramsley, who works the front desk at Lacy’s gym. “People come, they work out once, they stay home for months because they’re sore, then they come back and get sore again. Lacy though, Lacy’s different… She’s here, two, three times a week. It’s uncanny.”


Surprising though it may be, Lacy’s workout regiment took time to implement. Sources say the first time she worked out, she was actually very sore. However, Lacy chose to return to the gym a few days later, despite her muscle fatigue, and actually commit to another workout. Lacy continued following this pattern until, lo and behold, she found that she actually wasn’t sore between workouts.


“It’s crazy,” says Lacy’s friend, Alyx. “You mean she isn’t even a little sore? She’s got to be a little sore. Every time I lift weights I get sore. And yeah, I lift weights approximately twice a year.”



Whether Lacy will be able to maintain this level of commitment is another matter. Skeptical observers have predicted that she’ll fall off someday, and when she does, it won’t be as easy to get back on the horse.


“Eventually she’s going to go on vacation or something,” says Lacy’s coworker, Tricia. “And when she gets back? Ooh boy. She’ll be sore like she’s never been sore before.”


Until that day comes, Lacy’s content to stick with her routine. And whether she’s on the treadmill or behind the squat rack, one thing’s for certain. She won’t be sore in the morning.


“She’s basically a superhero,” says Rhonda.